About Gospel Highway

Gospel Highway is a Christian magazine begun in 1992, as a ministry of the Reformed Baptist Churches in Malaysia, and published by Damansara Reformed Baptist Church. Due to various constraints, the magazine ceased publication in its original hardcopy edition, with Issue No. 2003:1, and is now continued in this electronic edition. This magazine aims to instruct, edify and equip Christians. Non-Christians who are sincerely seeking to know the truth will find many articles helpful and interesting. The doctrinal basis of the magazine is spelled out in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.

All articles are by the Editor, except where otherwise indicated. Original articles in this publication are copyrighted. Permission is hereby given to anyone who so wishes to disseminate the original articles, provided: (i) the contents are not altered; (ii) due acknowledgement is made; and (iii) it is not done for financial gain.

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